The Baseball Belt

Baseball Goodies created The Baseball Belt with one purpose in mind, to allow Baseball Fans to represent America’s favorite pastime.  We designed these one of a kind belts to represent the laces of a baseball.  Now, baseball fans can show their passion wherever they go.  We wanted them to be durable and tough with a Major League attitude. To accomplish that, we used the best materials available.  The leather is authentic Drum Dyed Indian Buffalo leather, solid brass hardware for the buckle, and a cotton / polyester winding for the laces.  Now tie this genuine Baseball Belt with your favorite team colors and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

These Belts are the Real Deal!

Our Promise

We here at Baseball Goodies, love baseball.  We love being involved in the industry that’s had such a huge impact in our lives.  We first came out with the Baseband, which is a customizable baseball bracelet for fundraisers and promotions.  With some excess scraps, we started making dog collars for our own pets when it became evident that these collars were a hit!   Along came The First Baseball Dog Collar.

These hand-made dog collars were the first of its kind.  We took the design from the laces of a baseball and turned it into an amazing dog collar.  We then realized, why should our pets have all the fun and style. After perfecting the design, along came this incredible belt!

We promise to keep up with the high standards we put upon ourselves for being the first and the best. We wouldn’t let ourselves wear anything less and you shouldn’t either.  If you’re a true baseball fan, you’ll love this belt as much as we do.  We promise, from the moment you open your package till months later, you’ll be fully satisfied.  So what are you waiting for, let’s play ball.

If, for some reason a problem occurs, it’s our ability and compassion to handle any issues above and beyond the satisfaction of our customers that makes the difference. So if anything does go wrong, you can count on Baseball Goodies to make it right!

For fastest response to questions, concerns, or comments, you can contact us here and we will respond within 1 business day.

Seasoned and Limited editions

Our products are only sold from this website with some exceptions of custom orders for Professional Baseball Teams which can be found in their clubhouse stores.  But we love coming up with unique and creative designs that have a limited number produced.  Everyone loves exclusive products to make it that much better.   So each quarter, be on the lookout for these hot limited edition Belts and Dog Collars, because once that product is sold out, it’s gone forever.

Seasoned Belts and Dog Collars can be found for special holidays and events.  Keep checking back to see what holiday inspired production we come up with next.

Our goal is to please you, the customer.  If you’ve been waiting for specific colors to represent your favorite team or event, contact us here and we’ll do our best to get you exactly what you want.

Interested in Buying Baseball Belts?!

The Baseball Belt is completely customizable!  Pick any color leather and a maximum of 2 colors for the laces.  With these options, The Baseball Belt can easily represent any team or event!

Baseball Belts are currently being sold in bulk orders with a minimum of 200 pieces. Turnaround time is roughly about a month depending on the quantity. We can easily entertain 200 to 20,000 piece orders and will have competitive prices with higher increments for you to establish a great profit. Please contact us for more information on pricing to get these one of a kind Baseball Belts in your store.

Patent Pending and actively seeking interested buyers!

Belts with Major League Style!