The Baseball Belt


The Belt for the True Baseball Fan!

Belts are arguably the most important accessory in your collection.  Not only do they serve the practical purpose of holding up your pants, they also pull your whole look together.  Now belts can add one more thing, major league style!  Every baseball fan’s wardrobe needs at least one Baseball Belt.

These handmade, authentic leather Baseball Belts are the real deal. Baseball Goodies designed these Belts for the True Baseball Fan! Its components include a durable brass buckle, 2 leather loops for the excess belt, hand-sewn polyester, cotton winding for the laces and a style unlike any other belt.

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime and now we can showcase our passion wherever we go. Baseball is always in season and what better way to show your love for the sport than an awesome Baseball Belt.  These unique Baseball Belts are the first of their kind. We designed a selective few styles but there’s many more on the way.

Once you get your own Belt, make sure to take plenty of pictures and join in on the fun at the Dugout of Champions.